Points of Destruction: Part 1

Points of Destruction: Part 1

Points of destruction for your community consist of many things. In some of my upcoming posts, I will discuss as many of those as is possible.

This is part one. I included important reference links for the reader.

1: Water

Water is essential to a long and healthy life. People in many communities don’t give their potable water a second thought because it’s there and always has been.

Without good water, a community dies.

Where does your drinking water come from?

Does it come from a river like it does in DC? They take it right out of the Potomac. No worries, it meets federal standards. What standards? They have regulations for 90 contaminants. 10 parts per million in nitrates for sure. What of arsenic? It used to be 50 parts per million but now its 10 parts per million.  What if it goes beyond that? Does the water become undrinkable? Yes, it does. See the government reference below. You should know those rules. There will be a test later. (Just kidding)

Every flowing river in the USA has “treated” sewage effluents being dumped into them. That’s a fact.  River and lake water will give you fish guts and poop in the water. What about parasites? Oh yeah. They come from the cycle of poop too.

The country of India has a major excrement problem poisoning their water. As huge as India is, they do not have major sewage treatment facilities. They are a century behind civilized nations.

Old lead pipes will leech their metallurgy byproducts into the water because metal breaks down. Now they’re saying PCB (plastic) is leeching into the drinking water.

Joseph Oregon used Lake Water. It is treated of course. During late summer, the water would smell like fish.

McCall Idaho uses lake water. Its mountain fresh water that tasted like treated pool water. Their sewage treatment facility dumped into an outlet of the lake.

You get gas and oil in lake water and it doesn’t taste well.

Spokane Washington get’s their water from an aquifer. The State of Idaho allowed a refueling station right above that aquifer…What could go wrong?

New York uses different systems that supply their water but mainly uses a collection of water through three reservoir systems. It’s all unfiltered surface water. One of those reservoirs uses water out of the Delaware River. They have cleaned that river up. That river still has 250 treatment facilities that dump their effluents into the river. It used to be quite polluted. If they ever dredge that river, it will stir up all those toxins.

Detroit get’s their water from Lake St. Claire, the Detroit River and its tributaries, ground water and other small lakes. The Detroit River used to be quite polluted. Don’t pee in your river or lakes because you’re drinking and consuming that unbeknownst to you.

Cities would be better off dumping their effluents into created marshlands and let nature clean up the effluents. Reseeding the water is essential.

Make sure to look up where your city dumps their sewage sludge and their effluents. The results will surprise you.

Industrial waste is another topic of water pollution. It too contributes to unsafe drinking water.

Does nuclear energy production poison the water? When the nuclear plant is beyond its functionary life, it surely does. Producing nuclear energy wears out its metallurgy parts. It becomes a matter of boom-boom meets doom-doom eventually with nuclear power plants. Many nuclear power plants are at the end of their useable life.

People don’t realize how much water they use everyday just going potty, doing dishes, doing laundry, watering the lawn, washing the car…yada,yada. 100 gallons per person is the average daily consumption of water.

There are places in the world that are running out of water like Mexico City, Mexico.

The aquifers through the Midwest and California are shrinking.

The great underground African aquifer is also drying up.

My water is pristine and comes from an underground mountain spring. It’s all filtered by natural sand.

Remember: “Those that control the water control the world’s destiny.”




















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