Expectation vs reality! Hilarious photos capture online orders gone wrong, with one man accidentally buying a tiny rug and another getting a VERY shapely work-out vest

  • Men and women across the globe shared worst items they have ordered online
  • One woman ordered a red fishtail dress and received a shapeless gown instead
  • Another person’s mother ordered deckchairs, not knowing they were doll-size 

How things look when we order them online and how they look when they arrive in person can sometimes be worlds apart.

This online gallery by Constative showcases some of the most unfortunate mix-ups from around the world that have been shared on the internet.

For example…

One man who ordered a tight-fitting grey vest for working out, but received what looked like a thigh-length bodycon dress instead. 

Click link below for the hilarious snaps…

By Clare Mccarthy For Mailonline02:46 EDT 05 Jul 2021 , updated 03:46 EDT 05 Jul 2021 



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