The Queen’s morning routine and favorite breakfast dishes revealed

The Queen’s morning routine and favorite breakfast dishes revealed


The Queen leads a busy life so it’s no surprise that she starts each day with a set routine at her homes of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, depending on where she is living at the time.

House and Garden report that the monarch’s morning begins in her bedroom alongside her pet dogs with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a side of biscuits. How lovely!



According to MailOnline, her maid brings the tea in solid silver pots to her bedroom, then switches on the Queen’s Roberts radio to the Today programme, which Her Majesty is said to enjoy waking up to.

The maid then runs a bath for the royal while the Queen’s dressers lay her outfit out in the dressing room.

“Once the Queen has dressed, her hairdresser brushes and arranges her hair in the style that hasn’t changed in decades,” reveals the paper.

Breakfast is taken her private dining room at 8.30am – cereal, yoghurt, toast and marmalade are said to be the mother-of-four’s favourites.

The Queen also likes fish for breakfast, as revealed in Dinner at Buckingham Palace, a book based on the diaries and personal recollections of royal servant Charles Oliver.


An extract told how the Queen “has been partial to kippers since the war years” when she and Princess Margaret were at Windsor Castle.

Next up it’s a bit of live music as the royal piper plays the bagpipes outside the monarch’s window, which she adores. By 9.30, says the MailOnline article, the Queen is at the desk in her sitting room, preparing to do her paperwork for two hours.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a morning maid like the Queen to get you ready for the day!

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