Police Hope Novelty Key Ring Of Semi-Naked Man Will Crack 25 Year Cold Case Murder In Scotland

Police Hope Novelty Key Ring Of Semi-Naked Man Will Crack 25 Year Cold Case Murder In Scotland

Local authorities in Scotland are hoping a novelty key ring will help them solve a murder from more than 25 years ago, according to The Independent.

Shona Stevens was murdered near her home in Irvine, North Ayrshire, in November 1994, The Independent reported. She was taken to the hospital with significant head injuries and died there three days later. The toy key ring was found at the scene of the crime.

The case has gone unsolved for over 27 years. It was found during the initial investigation in 1994 but was not added to previous appeals, BBC reported.

The key ring is a figure of a plump, semi-naked man who is wearing a red sports coat, blue tie, black shoes and no undergarments. Police believe it potentially belonged to Stevens’ murderer.


Stevens was attacked as she was leaving a store at the Bourtreehill Shopping Centre, according to the BBC. She was last seen alone at approximately 1:10pm that day. Her body was later found approximately 200 yards from her home in a wooded area, the Scotsman reports.

“We know the item didn’t belong to Shona and, while we can’t be sure of its origins, we believe it may hold significance to this case,” Fraser Normansell, one of the investigators on the case, according to the Scotsman. “Although it was found almost 27 years ago, it’s very distinctive and could prove vital to our inquiries. I’m urging anyone with information to come forward and help us get justice for Shona.”

Normansell asked the public for help in the case and encouraged anyone who could recognize the keyring to speak to authorities to help solve the case.

“I’m asking anyone who believes they recognize this item or who has any information, no matter how small, to please get in touch,” he said. “We are committed to getting Shona’s devastated family the answers they deserve.”


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