WATCH: Kidnapper chases female, drags her out from under vehicle, carries her over his shoulder and drives off with her — and bystander feet away does nothing

WATCH: Kidnapper chases female, drags her out from under vehicle, carries her over his shoulder and drives off with her — and bystander feet away does nothing

It’s disturbing enough to watch the video of a kidnapper chasing a female at a Utah convenience store gas station, dragging her out from under a vehicle, and then placing her over his shoulder as he walked away.

But almost as unsettling is the fact that the culprit did it all in front of a bystander who did not intervene while apparently pumping gas just feet away.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In fact, it was the bystander’s vehicle the female ran toward and crawled under, KSL-TV reported.

What are the details?

The incident took place about 10:30 p.m. Friday night at a Miniature Mart Gas Station in South Salt Lake, a reporter for the station tweeted, adding that victim was believed to be 16 years old:


But after more information gathering, authorities learned the victim is actually 35, KSL reported.

“Witnesses at the scene described the victim in this case as possibly a teenager,” Danielle Croyle, public information officer with the South Salt Lake Police Department, told the station. “In addition to that, a shoe was left at the scene, which was a size three. So with that limited information, we did not have a name or a date of birth.”


Croyle added to KSL that “a couple of witnesses reported hearing her yell, ‘Help! Please help me, help me!'” The suspect then shoved her into a stolen Nissan Pathfinder, the station said.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In addition, KSL said police “had little help from the key witness — the driver of the truck seen pumping gas.”

But Croyle told the station other bystanders called 911.

Charles Albert got the AMBER Alert and stopped by the gas station Saturday afternoon, KSL said, adding that he said the surveillance video is concerning.

“To be that involved where [the suspect] rips her out from underneath the vehicle and [the bystander] doesn’t help her at all?” Albert noted to the station. “That’s not cool.”

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Croyle told KSL that police support bystanders intervening in those kinds of situations but that it’s a personal choice.

“You have to go with what you feel comfortable doing,” she explained to the station. “We would love to have somebody intervene, but you have fight, flight, or freeze — and in that violent of a situation where they are being abducted, you do not know how you’re going to react.”

At the very least Croyle told KSL that if you see something, say something and call for help.

“Please help us get a license plate number. Please help us get a good description of the suspect or the victim,” she added to the station.

Woman found alive, suspect arrested

Police said surrounding community members helped them find the suspect and victim in West Valley City, KSL reported.

“We even had family members calling in to identify who the perpetrator was in that video,” Croyle noted to the station.

Those tips and a database search of matching tattoos helped cops identify the suspect as 22-year-old Carl Gravitt — and locate the victim alive, KSL said.

Police said the victim’s petite frame — described as 5’1″ and 86 pounds — led them to believe she was a teenager, which prompted the AMBER Alert, the station said.

When authorities found the victim, they learned she was born in 1985, KSL said.

More from the station:

According to arresting documents, the couple had been dating for eight months. The victim allegedly told police Gravitt had a history of assaulting her.

The woman told detectives they had an argument Friday night, and that he hit and kicked her in the car. Then, when Gravitt went into the gas station, she attempted to run away.

Gravitt was arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail under suspicion of kidnapping, assault, receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle, and use or possession of drug paraphernalia, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

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