WATCH: Video Shows Postal Worker Attacked by 2 Men in Brooklyn

WATCH: Video Shows Postal Worker Attacked by 2 Men in Brooklyn


NBC New York reports the NYPD is on the lookout for five men allegedly involved in a physical altercation in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood on Monday which resulted in a U.S. Postal Service worker suffering broken bones and lacerations to his face.

Surveillance footage shows the unidentified 57-year-old mail carrier swinging what appears to be his keys at someone fast approaching him from behind on his dirtbike on the sidewalk. The two start swinging at one another before another person also dressed in grey shorts, a white shirt, and silver helmet ensemble emerges from behind a nearby van ready to fight the postal worker as well.

The suddenly outnumbered postal worker is seen taking several punches, and lead to him suffering multiple broken facial bones which are being treated at a local hospital. A bystander eventually stepped in and the attackers fled from the scene.

A business owner in the area told CBS New York he noticed a group of several men on dirt bikes riding “aggressively” around the neighborhood prior to the attack. The NYPD has not yet been able to identify the suspects, who face a felony assault charge, and a federal offense for assaulting a mail carrier.

A person who lives next door to the postal worker’s family said they have grown tired of living in New York City, and plan on moving to Florida.


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