WATCH:Two bears face off, growl in front of hikers in Alaska

WATCH:Two bears face off, growl in front of hikers in Alaska
Lake Clark National Park travelers were on a guided hike when bears confronted each other.

Screengrab from Alison Monda/Storyful


Travelers on a guided hike in Alaska captured the moment when two bears went face-to-face on their hind legs.

Two bears chased each other down, got on their hind legs and began growling at Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

They were facing off when hiker Alison Monda pulled out her camera. The hikers came within feet of the bears, video shows.


“That’s terrifying but awesome,” one person said on Monda’s Instagram post of the video.

Monda said her guide told them to get even closer to the animals before the encounter happened.


“My guide wanted to get us close, ended up almost on top of us,” Monda said on Instagram. “Got a guide service to fly me in on a bush plane and hike me around.”


It’s not clear why the bears were acting that way, but they could’ve been scared by a plane that flew overhead in the area, Monda told Storyful.


“They took off after each other right in front of us,” Monda told Storyful.


Hundreds of bears roam Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The park is in bear country, so bears and campers are often in the same areas, according to the National Park Service.

Tourists should stay alert, be visible and make noise to stay safe near bears. If it’s possible, hikers should change their course to avoid bears and should travel in groups within a few feet of each other.


Any conflict with a bear should be reported to the National Park Service, even if it’s minor.


“It is likely that bears and campers will encounter one another,” the National Park Service said. “But by remaining calm and following the basic advice of experienced bear behaviorists, you increase the odds of a positive outcome for both you and the bear.”


Maddie Capron is a McClatchy Real-Time News Reporter focused on the outdoors and wildlife in the western U.S. She graduated from Ohio University and previously worked at CNN, the Idaho Statesman and Ohio Center for Investigative Journalism.


Hikers capture ‘terrifying but awesome’ video of two bears facing off in Alaska park

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