‘I love watching my wife have sex with strangers – so she does it for my birthday’

‘I love watching my wife have sex with strangers – so she does it for my birthday’

By Graeme Murray

A husband has revealed how he gets turned on by watching his other half have sex with other men – and she even does it for his birthday.

The man, named only as Jared and who is in his 40s, spoke about how he loves hearing or watching his wife have sex with other people.

He had been married to his wife, who is in her 30s, for 10 years when he decided to open up to her about his fetish, to which she was surprisingly open to.

Speaking on the Strictly Anonymous podcast, he said he is not interested in being humiliated, but loves to hear her or see her have sex with someone else.

Before they were married he had his first taste of another man having sex with an ex-girlfriend but says it “wasn’t the same”.

“I’m into it for seeing my wife being pleasured, I don’t have to be involved,” he said. “I’m more about seeing it and hearing it.

“It’s kind of undeniable when she’s being pleasured.

“She can say it was okay, but when you see it on her face and you hear it, It’s undeniable.

“It’s a whole other world to experience it first hand rather then second hand.”

Jared, who works in the US military, has had four similar experiences with his wife and the latest one happened on his birthday while he was “deployed”.

He said: “She wanted to do it for my birthday present because she knew I liked it.

“She did call me about it when I first called her and told me she had gotten a hotel and had me call her.

“She put her phone on the speakerphone and left it on.”

The caller told podcast presenter Cathy he had a similar experience when he was younger and his girlfriend had sex with his friend in front of him.

But he insisted the experience was not the same.

He said: “It’s happened once before with someone else, but it wasn’t the same.

“It was nothing like being with somebody I cared about, it was just a fun situation.”

The married couple still have regular experiences either via a phone or as Jared watches another man with his wife.



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