Sisters found dead in Florida canal after mother tried to ‘baptize’ them

Sisters found dead in Florida canal after mother tried to ‘baptize’ them

By Jesse O’Neil

Two young sisters were identified as the children found in a Florida canal, and their mother has been named a person of interest in connection with the tragedy.

Destiny and Daysha Hogan, ages 9 and 7, were last seen swimming in the Lauderhill canal Monday, police said at a Wednesday evening press conference.

The sisters’ mother, Tinessa Hogan, was named as a person of interest, after she never reported the children’s disappearance, authorities revealed.

Hogan was seen Monday at the canal swimming with her daughters. She was carrying a Bible and asked a neighbor if she could baptize her children, police said.

The neighbor declined and ushered her children inside.

“I was more concerned for her,” Marie Williams told the Herald. “I should have been more cautious.”

The bizarre conversation happened around the same time Destiny and Daysha were last seen, police said.

Hogan, 36, has not been arrested but was contacted by police in connection with the suspicious deaths.

“She is not in the community right now, and we’re not at liberty to say where she is,” Lauderhill Police Lt. Mike Bigwood said, who added the girl’s father is not in the family picture.

Tinessa Hogan reportedly approached a neighbor asking them to help baptize her daughters. She is now a person of interest.

The girl’s bodies were recovered Tuesday after police reportedly received disturbing 911 calls.

“I need you guys to come … to see if there is a little girl’s body in the water,” one caller said. “I can’t tell if it’s a mannequin head, I mean a mannequin body or a body that’s been in the water for some days.”

The first girl was found wearing jean shorts and a gray T-shirt that read “Dance” in pink lettering, WPLG reported.

A second juvenile girl was discovered floating in the same waters at just before 9 p.m., the reports said.

Destiny and Daysha’s cause of death has not yet been determined, according to police, who asked for the public’s help making sense of the case.

“We’re making a plea to the public and specifically the community of central Lauderhill, to please, if you know the family, if you know the children, if you’re familiar with the relationship, if you’re familiar with any churches, organizations that the family may be a part of, please call us,” Bigwood said.

“We desperately need to know what these relationships are and put some context to how this may have happened.”

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