Letter to AOC and President Trump

Letter to AOC and President Trump

Here’s the letter that accompanied the poem The Olive Tree:

February 2, 2020

Donna Rae Lands

3501 Hwy 211

Newport, Washington 99156


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

229 Cannon HOB

Washington DC 20515


Letter and Poem #27

Dear Sandy honey:

We don’t know each other. I do not live in your district. I would never vote for a young communist like you. Communism is antichristian. You are one day younger than my youngest son. I listen to you and am flabbergasted concerning your hateful views. You are aware that good ole Bernie thinks every woman imagines being raped by three man whilst having sexual relations with their man(?) I know right(?) Men think with their dicks. It’s because a hard penis has no conscience.

I am so sorry about what you experienced losing your Dad. I can relate. The only person that made money when my Dad died was the attorney too.

I am writing a letter and poem to every member of congress. You are number 27. 27 is my oldest daughter’s birthday. She was strangled in front of my 2 and half year old grandson in 2016 by her woman beating pos Catholic illegal Mexican husband.  Her husband got a new Facebook and we got a gravestone. My grandson wouldn’t and couldn’t lie. Illegals are protected in our country. You protect men like him without caring about your sisters of other misters. I think people are stupid to take advice from a young gal that listens to and honors rapists like you do. You are friends with women who have had their clits cut off. You follow women that are good with women getting battered, raped and killed. You’ve never bought a home, owned a business, never been married and has never had a child. You have no clue about being a good mama let alone how to be a good sister. I bet you’re not even aware that 54,000 women were murdered during the Vietnam War here in America. Do our fallen sisters have a wall of sorrow and remembrance? Heavens no, they don’t. Dumb broad murdered women are forgotten, dead, buried and gone.

Your mean green fighting machine is a joke. Most Americans know this. Bernie hasn’t a shot in the World against President Trump. I don’t think you’re going to win again either. I wanted you to think about what’s best for your future. It’s best to be remembered for helping others instead of destroying a great country. I pray you find our Lord’s purple crown. Have a good life. Enjoy your poem, Honey.


Sincerely: Donna Rae Lands ( Enc: The Olive Tree CC to DJT)



Donna Rae Lands

3501 Hwy 211

Newport, Washington  99156


President Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC 20500

RE: AOC # 27

Dear President Trump:

I am so fooling myself and making a fool out of myself by writing you. In the end though, I will have a keeper of my poems-all gathered in one place. Only my husband knows that I am doing this. He doesn’t know what I write. He doesn’t care much for poetry. Some people are moved by it which is why great poets are remembered a thousand years from now.

Today is the day my oldest brother Terry Joel Anderson’s death day. He was a good brother to me. He was my protector and teacher. He was older than me and he thought when I was born that I was his to guard and take care of. We never had one fight in 38 years. My brother died on 2-02-20 at 2:15. Here it is 20 years later on 2-02-20 and I am making a fool out of myself writing someone who will never read my dumbass foolish letters because the man doesn’t read.  At least it’s healing for me to give my poems to someone I trust. I have limited trust for most men because I have been betrayed by most men most of my life. Jesus was always one that I have trusted. People think believing in God makes you crazy but if you have experienced things beyond explanation other than it’s from God, then you believe.  Evil people don’t believe because great things from beyond have not been shared and showed to them.  Jesus is the keeper of my soul. He always has been and always will be. It’s because of that faith that I was able to face life without fear of degradation. I was in a car accident when I was 9 years old. It left a huge scar at the time. I looked like Frankenstein to all the kids.  I was teased and bullied every day until I grew boobs by 15 years old. Boobs have mighty power.  I was late bloomer which sucked for me. The two worst names were Donna Dogface and Donna Scarface. They would tell me that nobody would ever love me because I was so ugly. I even thought the same thing when I saw my face stitched together. Jesus never judged on appearance. I never judge on appearance because beauty is only skin deep and ugly can go to the bone. That’s so true, Sir.

Best regards always: Donna Rae Lands (Enc-AOC’s Olive tree and letter)

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