White as Fleece

White as Fleece

This was sent to a great Senator who will never have a clue of what the poet was truly saying. No doubt my letter was quite mean.  I am supposed to be nice because they are above us measly low down dirty taxpayers. They are not public servants, they are public whores serving themselves!

Fuck Chuck and the high horse he rides on!

White as fleece © Donna Rae Lands

White as fleece…driven as snow.

Earth angels spread love wherever they go.

Our golden brown all around…Hear the sound…


Sandy beaches-out of reaches-never found.

The encircling rays of majestic glow.

Earth angels spread love wherever they go.


Their minds are dreaming of sunny day shows.

Creating how their story goes.

Blue angels glaring trumpet sounds.


Know the heart of the purple crown.

Their accents dressed in black are traveling back.

They are rolling up to the raisin street groves.


White as fleece…driven as snow.

Heaven’s gate will not wait.

Slamming shut…the sinner’s fate.


It is the golden sound traveling all around.

And it can only be found whilst seeking his purple crown.

Their sands of time are fantastically real.


They are marching in line doing their foot soldier drills.

Come rain. Come shine.

Come truth. Cometh their eternal sign.

Jesus is the one we know to lead the show.

White as fleece…driven as snow




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