Letter to Cory Booker

Letter to Cory Booker

Yesterday I posted the poem, Ho House in. I mailed it to Cory Booker and gave a copy to President Trump. Here are the accompanying letters. I was on a letter writing campaign last year. Please forgive me but someone had to be in President Trumps corner. The Liberals and RINOS were very cruel to him. I couldn’t stand their bad bully mentalities. Here you go. Enjoy the letters.

February 9, 2020

Donna Rae Lands

3501 Hwy 211

Newport, Washington 99156


Cory Booker

359 Dirken Senate Office Building

Washington DC 20510

Re: Letter and poem #34

Dear Spartacus:

We don’t know one another. I live in Bum Fock Egypt, Washington State. It’s a mini-me DC. It sucks for good people because our liberal slave masters are in charge trying to destroy us. It’s actually the same pimp way you tried to destroy our great president. I don’t believe men like you have a good heart. You support destructive things, bad ideas and evil persecutions. You have a woman beating and pimp attitude.

It’s not reproductive rights, only destructive rights, Spartacus. The only freedoms for those babies are death, destruction and pain.

Our scientists and Doctors use those baby parts. That’s a fact my dear sonny boy, Spartacus.

I would never vote for a man like you that supported and was braggadocios about Mueller the mole. He was the uranium middle man mole for your pathetic show of treason. You realize the Pentagon just misplaced 35 trillion dollars whilst the impeachment balderdash was happening? Probably not because heavens to Betsy…that dark hole called the abyss has sucked your evil soul and our country dry. And you never gave a fock!

Awhile back, I wrote a letter and a poem to Mr. Mueller via email. I have that right because I am a taxpayer American. I doubt he read it.

I am passing his poem unto another mole follower. Share it with all your moles and trolls. I don’t care!  It felt good to get it off my chest. That focker sent innocent men to prison and to their deaths! Mueller emits evil vibes and lies just like you. He sold his soul so I had to let him know. When you read the poem, you’ll realize you too sold your soul.

I lost my baby in 2016 because of a woman beater. Nobody cared. Society looks at victims of domestic violence…like the bitch had it coming…I didn’t like woman beaters before her death and now I feel all woman beaters are actually narcissistic psychopaths. You and your liberal party are all narcissistic psychopaths and sociopaths.

You should change your reflection of Spartacus to Leroy Brown…the bad-est mfer of the whole damn town. I have your number down…Mr. 666. The poem is about men like you selling your soul like Mueller! Enjoy the poem. My only gift I have is a poem. It’s my mission to write all members a poem and letter. My poems have not been sold like your soul. Have a wonderful life. Jesus blesses your sold soul. Amen!


Always: Donna Rae Lands (Encl and CC to President Trump)



Donna Rae Lands

3501 Hwy 211

Newport, Washington  99156


President Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC 20500

RE: Letters #34 (Cory Booker and #35 –John Ratcliffe)

Dear Donny:

I have lots to do today so this has to be short, sweet and to the point. I am sure I have overwhelmed you with my blah, blah. I have that effect at times. It’s my way of getting it out of my system. Hopefully someone eventually will pass these good lady’s schit tests. Everything in life is a schit test. You go for a job interview, it’s a schit test. Your spouse asks you how her outfit looks or if her makeup looks right…are also schit tests. My local chairman asked me if running for county commissioner is worth it(?)  Well that is a schit test. What the democrats are doing at the local level is to frighten you into submission. They decided impeachment worked so well at the federal level that it will work at the local level as well. All it will do is frighten people from participating and serving their country which is what the communists want. Communists want all control and all power to destroy our people into submission. I can’t do that because I will not allow someone to enslave me like that. My forefathers would not be proud of me if I lay down without trying to make a good and Godly difference along the way.

You have my total support and respect and always will.

Always, your neighbor… Donna Rae Lands (Encl)


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