Singing albino ice cream man in Pakistan is absolute doppelganger for Donald Trump, locals say

  • An ice cream man in Pakiston has been dubbed Donald Trump’s ‘doppelganger’
  • The man, from Sahiwal in Punjab, is in his mid-40s and has albinism 
  • People have shared video of him singing a song in Urdu as he serves ice creams

🍦😋 Ice cream man in Pakistan dubbed Trump’s ‘albino doppelganger’ via @MailOnline

An ice cream man in Pakistan has been dubbed Donald Trump‘s ‘doppelganger’ thanks to his incredible likeness to the former US president.

The man, who is in his mid-40s and has albinism, was spotted selling ice cream on the streets of Sahiwal in Punjab.

People have drawn comparisons with Trump and shared a video of him singing a song in Urdu as he serves ice creams.

The popular man sings his ingredients as a quirky way to make sales, tempting locals over to his stand.

In a video taken in Sahiwal, the man can be seen belting out the song as he stands by his ice cream cart.

Impressed viewers weren’t just stunned by his likeness to Trump – and say his singing voice is deserving of more attention.

Imran Malik said: ‘His voice is soulful – he’s an artist. He seems to fascinate everyone on the streets not because of selling ice cream but because of his incredible singing.

‘This man should have been rocking the stage rather than selling ice cream.’

Azam Khan agreed, adding: ‘He has set an example for all of us – this is how you do good to others by working dedicatedly.’

Rabiya lauded his sales techniques while out in the sun, saying: ‘How he is selling ice cream in this heat while suffering from albinism – it tends to affect such patient quickly.’

By Georgia Simcox For Mailonline and Jam Press14:41 EDT 10 Jun 2021 , updated 17:12 EDT 10 Jun 2021



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