Is Joe Biden Sabotaging Kamala Harris?

Biden putting Kamala Harris in “charge” of dealing with the illegal migrant surge or its root causes was a thankless job.

Kamala keeps getting gigs like this because she’s supposedly the next in line for the job. It’s the Biden-Harris administration and there were strong indicators that Biden might not run for a second term.

Except that now Biden is signaling that he will run again. Kamala’s numbers are terrible and some White House people are stabbing her in the back with the usual anonymous comments.

Unnamed White House “insiders” were left “perplexed” by the performance of Vice President Kamala Harris on her recent trip to Guatemala and Mexico to address the root causes of the immigration problems at the US Southern border…

CNN’s Diamond expanded on the concerns from the White House in his package.

“Some administration officials are quietly perplexed about the Vice President’s answers to some questions, in particular the particular question she got from Lester Holt where she equated the question about the border with Europe. There was hope the trip would be a success, and in the end, they feel it may have been overshadowed by some of her answers to these questions,” Diamond reported.

That’s coming from CNN. So it’s very much from “inside the house”.

Which administration officials are leaking to CNN to bash Kamala Harris? Cabinet officials, presumably.

Now, this might just be Biden loyalists who fear they’ll lose their jobs if Kamala takes over. It might be a power struggle between Kamala’s people and Biden’s people. Or it might be Biden orchestrating a slow battering of Kamala to leave her weakened.

Because remember, in a few years there will be a lot of pressure on the old white guy to step down and make way for a woman of color unless her numbers are bad enough that it would mean a Republican victory. Especially a Trump victory.

Biden’s ideal scenario is forcing Democrats and the media to choose between him and Trump, or Kamala and Trump, at which point all the BIPOC and intersectionality stuff will suddenly be forgotten, and Kamala will be told to wait her turn.

Meanwhile, Kamala is being presented as unready for prime time.

Is that a coincidence? I doubt it. Not in D.C. when CNN is broadcasting administration officials putting out this narrative.

Are Kamala’s people going to fight back? Obviously. And the internal civil war within the Biden administration continues.

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