CNN’s Jim Acosta Concerned There’s a ‘Strong Chance’ US May See ‘More Political Violence’ Incited by Trump


CNN’s Jim Acosta said on Monday he thinks there’s a “strong chance” the United States may see more violence incited by former President Donald Trump.

Wolf Blitzer spoke with Acosta about Trump’s recent North Carolina speech, where he continued pushing his usual false claims about the 2020 election.

“At every turn he is just pulling the wool over the eyes of the folks on the stage there,” Acosta said. “As long as Donald Trump stays on the road, Trumpism stays alive. It’s dangerous for the country.”

He brought up Trump’s past “enemy of the people” rhetoric about the press, recalled examples like the “deranged Trump supporter [who] was sending pipe bombs to CNN” and some Democrats, and even said, “I think there’s a very strong chance we may see more political violence in this country stoked and incited by this president. He’s done it before. It looks like he may do it again.”

Acosta continued on to say there’s been “no consequences” for Trump, from his attempts to overturn the election to the riots on January 6th, and again said, “As long as he remains out on the road and remains in a position where he can spread these big lies, I think there’s the potential for more political violence in this country.”

“You’d think some people close to him,” Blitzer remarked, “would tell him ‘stop doing this, this is really really dangerous.’”

“Because I think they’re making a buck off of it, Wolf,” Acosta responded.



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