How to watch the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse on Thursday

How to watch the ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse on Thursday

A composite image of the annular solar eclipse on Jan. 15, 2010


In the first solar eclipse of the year, the moon will almost entirely block the sun, leaving only a fiery ring of Earth’s star visible Thursday (June 10) morning.

Skygazers in just a few places — in parts of Canada, Greenland and northern Russia — will be able to spot this fiery ring, also known as an annular eclipse, according to NASA.

However, a partial solar eclipse — when the moon takes a circular “bite” out of the sun — will be visible in more areas of the Northern Hemisphere, including parts of the eastern United States and northern Alaska, much of Canada, and parts of the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and northern Africa, NASA reported.


This should be a good one to see but make sure you have eye protection. I suggest using the glass from a welder’s helmet. Note to any Millennials out there, do NOT use a magnifying glass for a better view. I know some will still do it but at least they’ve been warned.

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