Letter to Willard Mitt Romney

Letter to Willard Mitt Romney

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Letter to Mitt:

January 31, 2020
Donna Rae Lands
3501 Hwy 211
Newport, Wa 99156

Senator Willard Mitt Romney
124 Russell Senate Office Building aka (SOB)
Washington DC 20510
RE: Letter and Poem #25
Dear Willard:
We have never met. I did vote for you as President in 2012. I regret that now after seeing what kind of man you truly are. I watched you stand down like a wimp in that second debate. They bought your soul. That has proven to be true because of your cover-up in this liberal persecution of an innocent neighbor and great President. I am not very smart compared to you. I have not sold my soul like you have. You obviously are the blessed man who does not have Jesus guiding him nor have you been saved. If you had the Holy Spirit inside your soul, you would see your religion as the cult against God that it is. You shall know them by their fruits is true. You have been led astray. I am so sorry you don’t wear his purple crown. But hey, at least you are rich. It’s harder for a rich man to get to heaven than for a camel to get through the eye of the rope. Some said needle but that can’t be true as nobody ever put a camel through the eye of a needle. Just like your false book of Mormon was never true. Those golden tablets were never found.Why is this dumb peasant woman writing you? I lost my daughter in 2016 to her murdering husband in front of my 2 and half year old grandson. Her husband is protected in my awful sanctuary state. He got a new facebook and we got a gravestone. This is my poetic justice because that’s all I have left concerning lack of justice. I was going to tell you what a hater neighbor and backstabber you are in a poem but I changed my mind. That would make me mean like you and I am not like you. Respect and friendship means something to a meek poor woman like me, Sir. You will not get re-elected because you betrayed your own constituents. That’s the word on the streets. I pray you find our Lord and do right by him. So far, I have not been impressed by your lack of due diligence.
Try to be a better neighbor. Stand up for the people like our President. You look like a schmuck by not doing so.
Sincerely: Donna Rae Lands(Encl and CC to DJT)


Donna Rae Lands

3501 Hwy 211

Newport, Washington  99156


President Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC 20500

RE: Mitt Romney letter and Poem #25

Dear President Trump:

Today is surgery day. I wasn’t going to write this but I changed my mind. I am female so I can do that. I will mail it before I leave.

I made an error on yesterday’s letter. It was supposed to be dated 01-30-2020. Oh well…I am only human besides I am doing this campaign off the fly. I never know what I will say until I start writing. I just write from my heart and soul because that’s what I know.  For years I wrote like I was writing a scientific analysis.  I actually got better at writing after I was a Realtor for nine years. 1997-2006-that was the easiest test I ever took. I didn’t study because I had read through their book. Real estate math is much easier than calculus and trigonometry; you know what I am saying? Well…maybe not. The thing with math and electrical concepts are to remember the expressions, eg. Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly is the color code for resistance. Black, Brown, Red, Orange…yada, yada. Each color represents resistance. Black is 0, Brown is 1 and Red would be 2.  You have three bands plus the multiplier and tolerance.  A 2K resistor would be red, black-black- brown plus tolerance.

Trig is different…Its poem is Susie Can Tell Oscar Has A Hard-On Always. Sine = O/H Cosine =A/H and Tangent =O/A. Some things are cemented in that cannot be undone. Watching what is happening to you cannot be undone. It is so wrong. It triggers my heart because I too have been persecuted my whole life by pos liberals. I have no respect for their evil blasphemous souls. They are phony people with no hearts.

Have an awesome day. Talk at cha tomorrow.

Best regards always: Donna Rae Lands (Encl-The Pyramid and letter to Mitt)


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