Betty White’s Chicken Wings Pacifica Has Been Making Hungry Eaters Happy Since the 1960s

Betty White’s Chicken Wings Pacifica Has Been Making Hungry Eaters Happy Since the 1960s

By Perri Ormont Blumberg

We don’t make the rules but if somebody says “Betty White” followed by the phrase “chicken wings,” chances are we’re going to perk up our ears and listen. Indeed, Betty White’s chicken wings recipe is available on, and is made with a simple yet delectable marinade of butter, soy sauce, brown sugar, dry mustard, garlic powder, and water. contributor, Lennie, writes “From my celebrity recipe collection; they sound perfect for a football party! The smell while these sticky wings bake in the oven is amazing.” But we wanted to do some more digging on the origin of these tasty wings, and came across this article on from 2012 in celebration of White’s 90th birthday.

“In honor of this milestone, I looked through my recipes and found what appears to be a lovely recipe for Betty White’s Chicken Wings Pacifica. The odd thing is that I found it in two sources, thirty years apart, with only minor differences,” writes the site’s founder David Munk. “In the 60s, it was called Betty White’s Chicken Pacific and it called for chicken breasts.  By the mid-80s, it was a chicken wing recipe and the name of the dish had mysteriously bought a vowel. It was otherwise the same.” Whatever you want to call it, any recipe that has ties to the inimitable Betty White gets our stamp of approval.

It’s about time we all call it a week, turn on Golden Girls, and chow down on this wings recipe, y’all. Prep time only takes about 30 minutes and the recipe serves six, so you may very well have leftovers to continue your Golden Girls marathon late into the evening.

Betty White’s Chicken Wings Pacifica is just the entrée we were looking for to kick off the unofficial start of summer. Please pass the celery sticks.




  • Arrange wings in shallow baking pan.
  • Heat butter, soy sauce, sugar, water mustard and garlic powder if using, until butter and sugar melt.
  • Cool; pour over wings and marinate at least 2 hours, turning once or twice.
  • Bake in same pan at 375F for 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours, turning occasionally. (Use the plumpest chicken wings you can find; if your market only has the normal scrawny ones, don’t cook longer than 75 minutes)
  • Drain on paper towels and serve.

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