Sex with my ex is amazing but I feel guilty as I’m friends with his wife

Sex with my ex is amazing but I feel guilty as I’m friends with his wife

DEAR DEIDRE:  MY ex sweet-talked me back into bed and I’m loving the hot sex — but feel guilty because he’s now married and his wife has become a friend.

We split up two years ago but remained friends on social media. We had dated for ten months, seeing each other a couple of times in the week and spending romantic weekends together.

I’m a 32-year-old car showroom receptionist and my ex is a sales-man, aged 36. We got together after a night out celebrating the launch of a new car, and in the taxi home he kissed me.

We’d been flirting for weeks but that night there was no messing around. I invited him in and we had sex three times.

But less than a year later, he broke it off, saying he “wasn’t ready for a relationship”. He left his job and found a better one elsewhere.

I was hurt to see on social media how quickly he hooked up with another girl and got engaged. They married within six months. I moved on with my life and had a few dates but nothing serious.

His wife then joined our company, looking after our fleet cars. We got along really well. She is hard-working and really good fun. But I don’t think she knows about my relationship with her husband.

One evening before picking her up, he came over to talk to me. He whispered: “I’ve never stopped thinking about you. If I could, I’d rip your clothes off right now.” I was shocked and insisted he stop.

He then started texting me and I couldn’t resist replying. He followed up by coming to my house late one evening and that’s when we ended up having sex.

I find him irresistible but don’t want the drama of ruining the other woman’s marriage. What can I do?

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