McConnell Letter and President Trump accompanying letter matching poem of Chasing the ghosts of Justice.

McConnell Letter and President Trump accompanying letter matching poem of Chasing the ghosts of Justice.

Yesterday I posted the poem of Chasing the Ghosts of Justice. I mailed it to Senator Addison Mitch McConnell. Today, I include the letters. I wrote over 117 poems , 117 letters plus 117 letters to our great President Trump. I was on a journey last year.  Here is a copy because they are in a file in the District of Criminals.

“February 5, 2020


Donna Rae Lands

3501 Hwy 211

Newport, Washington 99156



Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr.

317 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington DC 20510


Re: Letter and poem #30


Dear Addison:


We don’t know each other. We’ll never meet. I am writing each member of Congress. Some letters and poems are very difficult to write. I respect you for having our Presidents back. I believe you have been in office way too long. I believe working for our government should be a job and not a career. When a person has served too long, they are no longer serving the people but serving themselves. It’s unfair that we have only term limits for the President and not term limits for other government jobs. You have NSFTP (Non seasonal full time permanent) positions in the federal government. Nobody should have permanent positions. Our Federal government is the biggest corporation in the US. They spend the most money and waste the most money. Nobody is answerable for their betrayals, ever. It’s a run-away train that no one can stop. It’s the biggest reason why we are in debt and the biggest reason why Lady Justice is joke.

I have zero trust for g-men but I have my mommy reasons for my emotional outlooks.

I lost my daughter in 2016 to murder. Her husband strangled my oldest daughter in front of my grandson. My grandson was only 2 and half. That young boy had no reason to lie. His step-dad did have reasons to lie. I am beyond seeking justice. Her husband got a new facebook and we got a gravestone. My husband couldn’t justify spending money on punishing that man in a civil lawsuit. Thus I had to accept no justice and no peace. I just pray that angels like my daughter are not forgotten in vain. Domestic violence kills more females than all our veterans in war. People bury their heads. It’s that out of sight and out of mind mentality.

I was highly disappointed in Nancy’s attitude during our President’s great State of the Union address on February 4th, 2020. She’s a rotten cuntly woman that shows her snatchface every time she speaks. She has an evil heart. She serves satan not our Lord Jesus and not the American people either. I pray for her rotten soul. That woman like most demon-rats are going to hell.

Thank you for your service. The poem is about Lady Justice. I grant you and the President the right to share it if you ever saw fit. May Jesus light up your path and shine his love upon you, always!


Respectfully always: Donna Rae Lands-Poem-Chasing the ghosts of Justice and CC to DJT) No worries about DJT reading my blah, blah because he doesn’t read.


Donna Rae Lands


Letter to President Trump



Donna Rae Lands

3501 Hwy 211

Newport, Washington  99156


President Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington DC 20500

RE: Mitch McConnell #30

Dear President Trump:

Your speech was awesome. You are the greatest President this country has ever seen. I don’t agree with your tweeting because you’re not tweeting to your base as much as you’re tweeting to your enemies and the weirdoes.  Your enemies hate you and your base truly loves you.  I thought what Nancy did behind your back was evil and disrespectful. They are hateful against you because you put our country and its people first above party politics.

Years ago, my 400 liberal neighbors wanted to place a 15 million Sewage treatment facility next door and uphill from my family abode. They had the gall to say it would not destroy my business and my water source. Last time I checked, schit flows downhill. It was the biggest fight of my life. My husband worked full time so fighting that project fell on this little ole lady. I pulled out all the stops and then some. I actually played the Erin Brockovich card and flirted with the head honcho guy from the Department of Health. That part was the only fun part for two years. After two years, we were able to move the project to a better location. It was completed in 2015. Nobody is supposed to be able to do that but for me, losing was not an option. I drove them bonkers on purpose. I didn’t know what else to do. We hired an attorney to pretend to represent us. We were going to add millions to the project because I was here first. I learned that you can negotiate with your government if you play your cards right. It all worked out but I am sure many of my neighbors hate me over my fighting attitude.

You are going to be acquitted but the demon-rats won’t let up because they are evil and crazy people. They don’t like to negotiate.  You just keep on being great. God meant for you to make a difference.

Thank you for being you. I grant you the rights to use any and all of my poems where you see fit. Just make sure you honor my name in the process. My name means Lady Female sheep.

Have an awesome day:

Best regards always: Donna Rae Lands (Poem- Chasing the ghosts of Justice and Enc.)”


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