Mom tells child molester he is a “piece of crap”

Mom tells child molester he is a “piece of crap”

By Ken Curtis

OZARK, Ala. (WTVY) -A Dale County man once charged with 60 sex crimes will spend 25 years in prison. 41-year-old Jason Park won’t be eligible for parole because he molested children under the age of 12.

He also pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges that he downloaded pornographic child photos from the internet.

Before announcing punishment, Dale County Circuit Judge William Filmore listened to heart-wrenching testimony from two mothers whose sons Park abused.

“Words cannot describe the hurt,” testified one of them, who claims she lost her job and had to move from the area because of the ordeal. In a letter she wrote and read to Judge Filmore she referred to Park, who sat only a few feet away, as “a piece of crap.”

Another mother testified she has developed trust issues because of what happened to her son, who was about 10 at the time.

The molestation that occurred in one of the victim’s home involved genital touching. Park also placed a hidden camera in a bathroom to watch the children.

News 4 limits information provided in articles we publish regarding child sex crimes so not to identify victims and their families.

Before receiving his sentence, Park apologized. “I am sorry for everything,” he said in court.

He claims he now prays and reads the Bible daily.

“He could not control his unnatural emotions and he knows what he did is wrong,” said defense attorney Ranynor Clifton, who request that Park receive counseling as part of his sentence. .

State investigator Eric Collier testified that Park, after his arrest on the first batch of charges, continued downloading pornography and was doing so when officers served him with additional warrants.

Assistant Attorney General Tara Ratz agreed to drop over 40 of the 60 charges Park faces in exchange for his guilty pleas that spared the two victims from having to testify.


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