Are You Getting Invites?


The scummy dregs of Disqus are trying to get their numbers up for the month ending May 31, and they are desperate to get more comments on their shit filled blog sites so that they can get an extra 75 cents and double their money. You may be getting invite tags to these moronic sites and you may think it’s funny. These douchebags are going through our lists of comments and commenters and they are sending you guys unsolicited invites to go see Disqus’s equivalent to sleeping pills and incest porn.

Sure, it’s pathetic and reeks of desperation to see these poor boring retards go begging for you guys to come and please make any comments whatsoever so that they can feel important. But keep in mind. The one site that is about an Army veteran from Texas is by and for a convicted child molester. This man sexually abused his 12 year old step daughter and was convicted. He has to go to the child molester probation office each year and have his photograph taken so that the state of Texas can keep an eye on him.

The other creepy part of this man is that he is surrounded by people who make excuses for him. These people believe the molester when he told them that it was his 12 year old step daughter who made all the advances, and this poor Army veteran was essentially the victim because he caved in to the girl’s offers of sex. What kind of people want to be friends with a man like this? What kind of people accept that excuse? It is the same people who are tagging you and inviting you to come to their child love party.

So go have fun. You made TNBD a big news & commenting success by being yourselves. We’d never tell you to not to visit other sites. We heard that their bots they use to gather information about you and which leave identifying cookies in your browser have stopped working, but who can be sure? Just be careful from these scumbags like the child molester and his friend Wishin. Stay on your toes with that bunch.

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