Scotland’s Late-Spring Arctic Blast

Scots are suffering a rare late-spring Arctic blast this week as an unusual chill continues to engulf the majority of the European continent.

Inches upon inches of rare and record-breaking late-May snow settled across the higher parts of Scotland, with additional and exceptionally rare flurries descending on low-lying areas, too.

The UK Met Office issued weather warnings for the north and central areas of the country as this meridional jet stream induced weather –caused by low solar activity– continues to dominate (links on that below).

More than 4 inches is estimated to have fallen over a vast area during a seven hour blast of inclement weather.

While a warning on the Met Office website yesterday read: “An area of snow is currently extending southwards from the Highlands to reach the Central Belt towards dawn … accumulations of snow of 3 cm (1.2 inches) below 150 m (492 ft) is possible.”

Violent Late-Spring Snowstorm Blasts Scotland, Buries the Higher Elevations


This is the new normal. Here in Toronto we had beautiful summerlike weather last week and yesterday it only hit about 14C (58F). Today it’s back to summer with 30C (86F) and sunshine but by Thursday it’s down to 18C (64F) and 11C (51F) Friday. It’s the same all over North America with temperatures going up and down and in Europe winter keeps hanging on. I’ll say one thing for Gore’s predictions, if Florida ends up underwater it will be rain that does it not melting glaciers. We all know that it’s cool air that makes it rain and there’s lots of it just waiting to fall. At any one instant, the Earth’s atmosphere contains 37.5 million-billion gallons of water vapor, enough to cover the entire surface of the planet with 1 inch of rain if condensed. It’s happened before and like cycles tend to do, it will happen again. Some scientists say it’s happening right now and I tend to agree. If they are right and we are heading into a mini ice age I can’t wait to hear what MSM will be reporting. One of the first things we lose isn’t that important. The ability to grow food doesn’t concern them, they’ve got hurt feelings to deal with. Take a look for yourselves,, the climate is changing and if we aren’t prepared we’re screwed. The last time was in 1816, the summer that never happened and it was under the same influence as we are right now. Low solar activity. Those cycles are not affected by plastic bags or leaky mufflers no matter what they say.


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