Everyone Hates Kamala Harris

By Daniel Greenfield



The Democrats seem to be sitting pretty. They’ve got the House, the Senate, and the White House. But appearances can be deceiving.

The Biden administration is uniquely unstable. It’s got a weak and erratic political hack at the top who may be barely there half the time, but whose presence helps sell the idea that the Obama administration 3.0 is actually moderate and liberal, when it’s really leftist and extreme.

Biden is a joke, but Democrats need him at the top. Especially because he promised to pick a black woman and instead he picked Kamala.

Kamala is supposed to be a trainee president, taking meetings with foreign leaders, and being put in charge of everything, but the public still hates her making it quite likely that she would not be able to win a presidential election even as an incumbent.

48% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Kamala Harris while only 41% have a positive one.

Even among Democrats, 1 in 5 don’t like her. 84% of Republicans don’t like her and that’s not surprising. But 57% of Independents don’t like her while only 32% do.

These are catastrophically bad numbers. She’s not winning a presidential election with this level of unfavorability.

These are shockingly bad numbers at a time when the media has managed to sell the public on the lie that Biden is doing a great job reopening the country during an extended crisis honeymoon phase. Yet people, even many Democrats, really don’t like Kamala.

When you actually look at the breakdown the numbers just keep getting worse. Outside of black respondents, her very favorables tend to be low while her very unfavorables are high.

54% of white men with no degree hate her, but so do 38% of white college men, these days a better group for Democrats. Even among white women, 42% of non-college grads really hate her, but so do 31% of college grab white women.

Kamala gets by far her best numbers among black respondents, but among Hispanics, a quarter hate her. Even 17% of Biden voters hate her.

This is a huge problem for the Democrats because she’s meant to replace Biden, but from the looks of things the only way that’s happening is if Biden manages to get through another election and then steps down.

Kamala’s likability was a huge anchor during the primaries and things haven’t gotten better for her. Despite claims of a K-Hive, the numbers not only show that most people don’t like her, but that those who don’t like her are much more passionate about hating her than her supporters are about liking her.

No wonder Senator Elizabeth Warren and even Hillary Clinton are starting to act like they might get another shot at the big job.





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