REPORT: Man charged for having sex with horses

REPORT: Man charged for having sex with horses

by Bryan Eckert

SAN ANTONIO (WOAI/KABB) – San Antonio Police arrested a man for bestiality with two horses inside an area horse barn.

According to the police report, the suspect, 24-year-old Jean Bugoma, was caught on surveillance cameras in June 2020 walking through the stables naked. He is seen going into different stalls.

The next morning, the owner noticed two of his horses both suffered leg injuries. A veterinarian determined that both had also been sexually and physically assaulted. DNA was collected from one of the horses.

A similar incident happened on Jan. 7 with two horses injured and one the victim of bestiality.

The owner and police caught Bugoma on Feb. 14 inside the stables. Bugoma was arrested. DNA collected from him did match that of the sample from a horse, according to the police report.

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