Report: China emissions exceed all developed nations combined

Report: China emissions exceed all developed nations combined

China emits more greenhouse gas than the entire developed world combined, a new report has claimed.

The research by Rhodium Group says China emitted 27% of the world’s greenhouse gases in 2019.

The US was the second-largest emitter at 11% while India was third with 6.6% of emissions, the think tank said.

Scientists warn that without an agreement between the US and China it will be hard to avert dangerous climate change.

China’s emissions more than tripled over the previous three decades, the report from the US-based Rhodium Group added.

The Asian giant has the world’s largest population, so its per person emissions are still far behind the US, but the research said those emissions have increased too, tripling over the course of two decades.

I’m ashamed to say Canada is one of the larger contributors to this, we send them the coal they burn and it has to stop. I don’t worry about the climate change it doesn’t cause I worry about the toxins they keep producing and dumping on the rest of the planet. They don’t care and it’s up to us to make them stop before it’s too late.




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