Democrats depend on keeping black voters feeling helpless; Kamala Harris has complicated that

Democrats depend on keeping black voters feeling helpless; Kamala Harris has complicated that

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Eddie Scarry

Learned helplessness is the number one thing liberals promote and attempt to instill in black Americans. This remained true even when we had a black president. It continues now that we have a black vice president. And heaven help the black man — Republican Sen. Tim Scott in particular — who fails to obey.

Kamala Harris last week made what would have not long ago been a very uncontroversial remark when she said that the U.S. was not a racist country. Such a statement is now heresy in the social justice-controlled Democratic Party because it robs black Democratic voters of the ultimate excuse — that their personal circumstances are not their own responsibility, that anything wrong in their lives is the fault of someone else, just blame the nearest white person.

Karen Attiah, a liberal at the Washington Posttook great offense at what Harris had to say, especially because liberals had already been viciously attacking Scott for saying the same thing just hours before.

“Still, did she have to take a cue from Scott’s tap-dancing on race?” wrote Attiah. (Note that it’s okay to make an overt reference to racist minstrel shows in major news publications, so long as you’re a liberal). “Let me venture out on an extremely sturdy limb here: Harris absolutely knows that America remains a racist country. More than that, her denial of it is harmful.”

Attiah was further annoyed that Harris actually bothered to commend her boss, the president, for confronting race as an issue. “There was something so familiar in that deflection,” she wrote. “How many black people and other people of color have felt pressure to assure the white people around us that they are getting things right on race — to pat them on the back for being a good ally?”

Attiah never got around in her column to explicitly stating what was so “harmful” about Harris’ remark, but it’s obvious. By declining to condemn America as a top-to-bottom den of racial animosity (as Sen. Bernie Sanders and others in the party did all last year), Harris as a black Democrat muddies up the liberals’ hard line that blacks are and must remain helpless, that there is not a thing they can do for themselves, so long as the racists (that includes anyone who isn’t a Democrat, but many white Democrats, too) remain in power, depriving them of agency.

From Attia’s perspective, Harris needed to be corrected. Because the Left depends on keeping black voters feeling helpless.

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