‘All Cops Are Bast**ds’ acronym at North Carolina RV park results in big-time backlash, alleged death threats

‘All Cops Are Bast**ds’ acronym at North Carolina RV park results in big-time backlash, alleged death threats


Those of you familiar with leftist militant-speak and shenanigans know the acronym “ACAB” stands for the phrase, “All Cops Are Bastards.”

And of course we’ve all been used to seeing those letters plastered on protesters’ signs and spray-painted on federal buildings, particularly since nationwide rioting began nearly a year ago with the police-involved death of George Floyd.

But this time the “ACAB” acronym ended up on a roadside sign for a motel and RV park, which may not seem terribly unusual — except for the fact that the sign isn’t a beacon in a woke metropolis like Portland or Seattle.

No, this time the “All Cops Are Bastards” sentiment was on full display on a sign in Maggie Valley, North Carolina — a town boasting fewer than 1,800 residents and nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains.

As you can imagine, there was just a little bit of backlash.

Here’s what Our Place Inn posted Saturday on Facebook:

‘All Cops Are Bast**ds’ acronym at North Carolina RV park results in big-time backlash, alleged death threats

EXCELLENT!!! ACAB got everyone’s attention just like we knew it would. Posts are spreading like wild fire and a discussion has started.

So now let’s talk about police reform.

What do we believe?
There are too many individual cops who have created tension and sewn distrust in our national communities. These few apples have been allowed to permeate for so long that THE BARREL IS ROTTEN. We need a complete overhaul of a system that has been allowed to become corrupt from the inside.

What do we want to see?
-Better training for the police. Let’s start with similar de-escalation tactics that teachers and mental health professionals are expected to use. Let’s stop murdering people over misunderstandings. Those mistakes cost lives. They cost families. This is not a price we can continue to pay.

-Better education for officers. Law enforcement officers should be aware of the law they are supposed to be enforcing!! When an LEO makes a mistake and incorrectly arrests or tickets someone, it can be traumatizing, not to mention costly in both time and money. If an LEO makes a mistake, they need to make restitutions and re-familiarize themselves with the law before they return to the field.

-Better resources for police. These guys have a stressful job, and they need the mental health benefits to keep them from becoming jaded. To keep them valuing every single human life. To continue to want to protect and serve, even though they aren’t legally required to.

-Better transparency!! We want body cams worn at all times, and we want footage released to the public in a timely manner. We want the footage backed up in secondary, secure locations that are untaperable by individual officers. We want internal investigations into police misconduct to be independently controlled from the division under scrutiny.

-Mental health professionals, social workers and other specialists hired by local law enforcement to assist in extenuating circumstances. Far too many people are losing their lives due to mental health crises that common police officers are not trained to handle. Far too often, these episodes get escalated to a point of injury and even death. You don’t call a plumber to rewire your house, so why aren’t we calling addiction specialists when one’s behavior suggests drug use?

-A national database of misconduct
Did you know that if a law enforcement officer is fired for a violent misabuse of the law, he can simply go a county over and get rehired? Sadly, this occurs far too often. A national blacklist database as part of new hire’s background checks would be easy to implement, and save communities from the criminal cops.

Share with us your thoughts on police reform!


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