Don’t believe the ‘big lie’ that police are racist

Warning: If you are a cancel-culture snowflake who relies on NPR, the New York Times and the alphabet networks for news, the following may put a pin in your bubble.

“Hands up don’t shoot” was a lie. Michael Brown robbed a store and attacked a cop.

There is certainly a “reasonable doubt” that George Floyd might be alive today if not for an overdose of fentanyl that was three times the fatal amount. An expert handpicked by the family’s lawyers said asphyxiation. But the chief medical examiner’s report found no evidence of life-threatening injuries from the neck restraint used on him – which was taught by the Minneapolis Police training manual as a “Non-Deadly Force Option.”

There were not “15 unarmed Black men killed by police” in Cincinnati, as reported nationwide in 2001. As I documented in my book, “Behind the Lines: The Untold Stories of the Cincinnati Riots,” nearly all were armed and resisting arrest – not in custody, as some reports said. They shot, wounded or pointed guns at police, dragged them with vehicles and violently resisted arrest with guns, a knife, a brick and a nail-studded board. Only three deaths were questionable. There was no evidence of racism.

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