My Neighbor Exposed Himself to Me and My Toddler

My Neighbor Exposed Himself to Me and My Toddler

Dear Prudence,

We (me, my husband, and our son and daughter) moved into our house about a year ago. We met the neighbors next door about two weeks in. They’re an older couple with grown kids. Our only interactions since then have been a friendly wave here and there. I mostly only see the husband outside, since he smokes. A few days ago, he was outside smoking when I’d just gotten home with my sister and daughter (she’s 2). I asked how his wife was, and he asked after my husband. We were about 60 feet apart so we were kind of speaking loudly. Anyways, he said something about how cloudy it was, and I responded with “Yeah, that’s why we left the park early.” Suddenly I see his free hand wander down to his crotch. I thought maybe he was just adjusting himself so I looked straight ahead to give him a minute, but then to my horror realized he was lingering there. Before I could process what was happening, he took his penis out and started playing with it.

I had my toddler in my arms, and I got so flustered that I didn’t even finish whatever I was saying and walked into the house. I told my sister that I’m pretty sure l saw our neighbor stroke himself while we were having a friendly chat. However, the nice part of me wants to believe that my eyes were playing a trick on me and that I maybe imagined it … ? I just don’t know what to do. On the one hand, if he wasn’t doing that, then there’s no need to address it. On the other hand, if he was, then I would like to tell my husband and warn him about this man being a pervert.

—Pervy Neighbor

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