Time for us all at TNBD to give back

We have been very blessed here at TNBD. 

Whatever it takes to have a very popular and fun website, somehow MichCon and Myself were lucky enough to find the perfect recipe.

The day that we opened TNBD MichCon wrote: TNID…When we created that channel, we expected to just have Detroiters and detroiters on there duking it out and having fun. But we quickly learned that we were a safe haven for Chicagoans, Houstonians, Yoopers, North Carolinians, Baltimorites, St. Louisians, Washingtonians, Oregoniators, Californicators, New Yorkans, Bostoniacs, and the dreaded Ohiodors & Canadians. It seems that there are a lot of people in North America who have a way of looking at the news that doesn’t take it too seriously.

We could have never done it alone. Each of you for some reason chose to call us your home. We will always be grateful for that.

Together we have made TNBD what it is.

All of your comments and laughs that you make here each day need to be put to good use. We need to give what you do here each day to a good cause.

So… for the game, what day did TNID open? 

The person closest to the correct date, name your charity. Game ends at Midnight.

Have a great weekend, guys.








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