Name your cop shop

Blue Lives Matter!!

Name what cop shop deserves 100 bucks in some Mrs. Fields goodies and why?

TNBD will send it to them tomorrow with your comment.

The winning Police Dept and comment with the receipt will be posted as the winner.

Support the boys in blue TNBD!



Egypt has won our hearts, and in his name an order for 144 NIBBLERS and 72 BROWNIE BITES has been sent to the Detroit Police 12th Precinct. You may not remember or realize it, but last year while the BLM bullshit was getting very hot, an officer-involved shooting incident occurred in the 12th Precinct. The thug’s family and friends immediately ran to the press and shouted BLM and accused the police of murdering their poor son. The police responded very quickly with body cam footage and showed clearly how the incident went down, and how the perp received exactly what he had coming. The riots that “could have been” never happened. And there were lots of outsiders in Detroit at that time trying their hardest to get maximum unrest to happen in Detroit. Thank you 12th Precinct.



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