Pit bull mauls Missouri boy delivering cupcakes to a neighbor

Pit bull mauls Rolla, Mo. boy delivering cupcakes to a neighbor

By KY3 Staff

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Police in Rolla, Mo. say a child suffered life-threatening injuries after a pit bull mauled him while delivering cupcakes to a neighbor.

Officers responded Saturday to the 1000 block of Lynwood Drive.

Investigators say the pit bull got off his chain and attacked the boy, 13. Investigators say the owners of the dog began attempting to restrain it, but the dog had the child pinned to the ground while biting the head, neck, and face of the boy. Several adults began pulling the dog from the boy, but it broke free again and returned to mauling the boy. After repeated attempts, the adults removed the dog and began life-saving measures by administering first aid.

Emergency crews transferred the boy to a St. Louis hospital with injuries to his head, neck, and face. Additionally, one of the adults sustained a dislocated shoulder during the attack. Rolla Animal Control officers took the dog to a veterinarian where it was killed.

This case is still under investigation by the Rolla Police Department. If you have additional information pertaining to this case, please call Detective Chris Giacolone of the Rolla Police Department, (573) 308-1213, or the Rolla Police Department’s confidential tip hotline at (573) 364-0111.


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