McDonald’s customer fires warning shots to scare off attacker in drive-thru

I'm not lovin' it

The suspect reportedly gave Georgia authorities a false identity, too

By Michael Hollan

Authorities arrested a man outside of a Georgia fast-food restaurant after he allegedly attacked a woman at random while she waited at the drive-thru. Fortunately, the woman was able to fend off the attack by firing off warning shots.

The bizarre and seemingly unprovoked incident occurred at a McDonald’s in Newnan, near Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The woman claims she was waiting in the restaurant’s drive-thru when another customer approached her car and randomly began picking a fight. The suspect allegedly placed his food and beverages on top of her vehicle before confronting her, but soon reached inside the woman’s car and began choking her, a spokesperson for the city of Newnan told the outlet.

When the woman was unable to free herself from the man’s grasp, she reportedly grabbed a gun and fired two warning shots into the air.

When authorities arrived around 9 p.m., they found both the suspect and the victim waiting. The suspect identified himself to police officers, but used his brother’s name instead of his own, authorities later determined.

It’s still unclear what provoked the attack. The victim reportedly suffered injuries to her throat, the Newnan city spokesperson confirmed.

Authorities eventually identified the man as Brandon Lee Causey. He was later taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault, although he may also be facing further charges.

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