Slept with wife’s nieces

Slept with wife’s nieces

By Annie Lane

Dear Annie: I live in a small town with my wife of 33 years. My wife has a large family, most of whom live in the same state as us. Two of her siblings had daughters the same age who grew up like sisters. Last summer her two nieces came to stay with us for a week while on a break from college. It turned out her nieces were hard-partying, dope-smoking, heavy-drinking types.

One day, while my wife was at work and I was working from home, they got me to party with them. We got pretty wasted and ended up all hooking up. The same thing happened the very next day. I know they liked seducing their aunt’s husband, and I had a mind-blowing experience.

I assumed they were old enough to be discreet, but they weren’t. A few weeks later one of them told another family member, and the news made it back to my wife. My wife was beyond upset. She told me to move out, but I refused. Since then, she has made my life a living hell.

I never wanted to destroy our marriage, but the allure of two young women is a fantasy most men cannot refuse. I never believed two sexual exploits could destroy my marriage of 33 years. I am not seeing a way to fix this. Any suggestions? — Regretful

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