Daily Chats End When Friend Is Blocked Without Warning

by Abigail Van Buren

DEAR ABBY: I had a friend I would talk to every day while I was doing my deliveries for work. We had anywhere between six and 25 conversations a day. For months it was never an issue. All of a sudden, I got blocked on her social media, and her boyfriend (my husband’s good friend) sent me a message telling me to leave her alone! I felt blindsided since it was out of the blue with no warning or any discussion between her and me about the amount of time we were talking.

Well, they are using my Disney+ streaming service, and I feel like they are taking advantage of me. I’m not allowed over to their house anymore or to talk to her, but my husband is welcome anytime. I pay for the Disney+ out of my personal money. Would it be so bad if I removed her from my account and changed my password? — TALKED OUT IN OHIO


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