These Fast Food Restaurants Have Fish Sandwiches And Meals That Are Perfect For Friday Meals During Lent

These Fast Food Restaurants Have Fish Sandwiches And Meals That Are Perfect For Friday Meals During Lent

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As we gear up for Easter, many people are about to be in the midst of Lent and will likely be abstaining from eating meat on Fridays. While meat in the traditional sense is not allowed, fish is okay, so many choose to eat fish-based dishes as an alternative. Many fast-food chains have taken note of this and released menu items using fish as the main course.

While Chick-fil-A has offered fish options during Lent at a small number of restaurants in the past, this year, the chain won’t be offering any. However, there are a ton of other options to choose from. From the classic McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish that’s a permanent menu item to seasonal items like Popeyes’ new fish sandwich, there are tons of ways to stay on track even when you only have time to go to the drive-thru. P.S. If you’re a pescatarian all year, you’ll want to take some notes, too!

Red Lobster
red lobster fish fry friday


Red Lobster is introducing Fish Fry Friday for the Lenten season, which includes a hand-battered cod served with fries and coleslaw for only $11.99 that is available for dine-in and to-go orders. For those who prefer to cook at home, the chain also offers a Fish Fry Mix that you can get a grocery stores nationwide.

smashburger fish sandwich


Beginning February 26, Smashburger will offer fish lovers buy one, get one free fish sandwiches every Friday through April 4. The sandwich starts at around $7.99 and features wild-caught Pacific Cod lightly dipped in a signature batter infused with Yuengling Lager, and served with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and creamy tartar sauce.

Buffalo Wild Wings
buffalo wild wings fish sandwich 2021


This year, Buffalo Wild Wings is offering a beer-battered fish sandwich topped with shredded iceberg lettuce and tartar sauce that is served with a side of coleslaw. It will be available from February 17 through March 29 for dine-in or online ordering.

wendy's new fish sandwich


The chain has a new fish sandwich in town this year. It’s called the Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich and it’s made with a Wild Alaska Pollock fillet, tartar sauce, lettuce, and pickles.


McDonald’s is no stranger to the fish sandwich game. The fast food joint has the Filet-O-Fish on the menu all year round.

popeyes cajuna flounder sandwich


Also brand new this year is the Cajun Flounder Sandwich, Popeyes’ first-ever fish sandwich! It’s made with the same bun and pickles as its famous chicken sandwich but with a flounder filet and tartar sauce.

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Arby’s has two different fish sandwiches available for a limited time. First is a Crispy Fish sandwich with a fish filet, tartar sauce, and lettuce on a sesame seed bun. You can also get a King’s Hawaiian Fish Deluxe, which includes their fish filet, lettuce tomato, cheese, and tartar sauce on a King’s Hawaiian bun.

White Castle
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White Castle knows what it’s doing when it comes to sliders, and the chain has an Alaska pollock and panko-breaded slider just in time for Lent.

Dairy Queen
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Lent is the perfect time of year to order Dairy Queen’s Wild Alaskan Pollock Sandwich—and you might as well get a Blizzard while you’re at it!

A&W restaurants have pub style baskets with fried cod sliders and crunchy shrimp.


While supplies last, Bojangles’ is offering the BojAngler fish sandwich, which can be purchased alone, as a combo meal, as part of a two for $5 promo, or as a dinner plate special.


Culver’s walleye has returned for a limited time run.

Bob Evans

Bob Evans has a seafood platter that includes fried shrimp, clam strips, and crispy flounder fillets. It is served with tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, two sides of your choice, and rolls.

Del Taco

Del Taco brought back its jumbo crispy shrimp, this time with a Honey Mango flavor!

Del Taco brought back its jumbo shrimp tacos, and you can get two for just $5.

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