LinkedIn removes training seminar telling people to be ‘less white,’ following Coca-Cola backlash

Self-loathing white, Robin Di Angelo

The seminar featured Robin DiAngelo, the white author of the best-seller, ‘White Fragility’

A LinkedIn training seminar that told employees to “be less white” and “less oppressive” has been removed from the professional social media platform, following news that Coca-Cola had included it in its diversity training program.

The LinkedIn training seminar made headlines this week after screenshots of the slides were shared on social media.

The slides featured texts on what it supposedly means to be “less white” (be less oppressive, be less arrogant…break with white solidarity, etc.) and claimed that white people in the U.S. and other Western nations are socialized to feel that they are “inherently superior” because of their skin color.

The seminar featured interviews with the white author Robin DiAngelo, author of the best-selling book “White Fragility.”

A spokesman for Coca-Cola told Fox News on Monday that the seminar was not part of the company’s “learning curriculum,” but was offered to employees as part of a broader training on “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Fox News has reached out to LinkedIn with a request for comment. In a statement provided to Newsweek, Nicole Leverich, vice president of corporate communications said the website provides a “wide variety of learning content, including more than 270 courses on the topics of diversity, inclusion and belonging.”

LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, which bought the platform in 2016 in an all-cash transaction of $26.2 billion.

“We will continue to add new courses to help people learn the skills they need to be more successful in their career, including the foundational skills we all need to be effective allies and help build a more equitable future.”

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