The old timers of DISQUS

The old timers of DISQUS

What do we go back guys, 15. 20 years, guys?

So many memories, so many laughs.  It has been our pleasure here at TNBD to have made a home for the very old timers  such as  Sal, Lips, Rory, Mark Farkle, Witchy Woman, Dixie Chicken, Egypt,Yaboo, square grouper,narnia, Clyde, mild wings,  BTC…so many of the original old timers of DISQUS.

It’s funny looking back over the years on DISQUS.  Times have sure changed. We used to clone a guy years ago to be funny, now these assholes will dox you.

The old timers here. You are the heart and soul of TNBD.

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