WATCH:Dog rescued from basement of abandoned home in Detroit

WATCH:Dog rescued from basement of abandoned home in Detroit

By Ben Hooper

Feb. 16 (UPI) — A dog trapped in the basement of an abandoned Detroit home that had fallen into disrepair was rescued, thanks to a tweet from a concerned member of the public.

A Twitter user posted photos of the home to the social media site, tagging WJBK-TV news and asking for help rescuing a dog trapped in the basement.

The news station contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, which enlisted the help of firefighters to rescue the trapped canine.

Neighbors said the dog had been trapped in the basement of the house for days and they had been throwing food down for him. Residents said they were concerned that a coming winter storm could lead to tragedy for the dog.

A Detroit Fire Department crew used a ladder to bring the dog, an Akita mix, to safety.

“The dog came out happy I went to buy him some Slim Jims,” Andre Jones, a volunteer with the Detroit Pit Crew, told WJBK-TV. “It made me feel really good.”

The rescue group said the dog was dubbed Blaze in honor of the firefighters that rescued him. They said he will have a tumor on his mouth examined by a veterinarian and will be put on a stray hold for a while before becoming available for adoption.


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