STUDY: Men Who Own Cats Have Worse Dating Prospects

Owning a cat is reportedly bad news for men looking to find a girlfriend.

According to, a study from Boise State University anthropologist Dr. Shelly Volsche found that men being photographed with a cat makes them less desirable.

In fact, women found men with a cat to be “less masculine, more neurotic and ultimately less datable.” Volsche explained in part, “Even though we say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, there’s something going on in the back of women’s’ minds when they see that cat and make assumptions in their minds about men being may be feminine and neurotic.”

For those of you wondering about dogs, according to Outkick, the Wall Street Journal cited a study that says a man having a dog in a picture increases his chances of getting like by 20%. Your chances with a cat? They take a five percent hit.

Long story short, get rid of your cat and get a dog.

Did we really need multiple studies to tell us these results? Anyone with a brain knows if you’re a dude you don’t want to be rocking with a cat.

Cats suck, and I hate them. So, yes, I am biased, but it doesn’t matter. I’m also 100% correct. Cats serve no useful purpose.

Dogs are loyal, can be trained to hunt, they provide protection, and they’re known as man’s best friend for a reason. On top of that, they’re magnets for women.

Get yourself a dog, gentlemen. You can thank me later.



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