CNN reporter: Fox News cut away from impeachment coverage to keep ‘its audience from seeing the truth’

By Cathrine Garcia

Yahoo News


Viewers who tuned into MSNBC and CNN at 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday were able to watch as House impeachment managers presented new, harrowing footage of the Capitol rioters. Meanwhile, on Fox News, the network cut away from the proceedings to air The Five, which included a guest appearance by Judge Jeanine Pirro, who ranted that Democrats are “trying to tarnish Donald Trump so he can never run again.”

CNN chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju tweeted about Fox News’ decision to stop airing the trial, and his colleague Abby Phillip, CNN’s senior political correspondent, responded, “Fox will do anything to prevent its audience from seeing the truth.”

It wasn’t just Pirro slamming the impeachment trial; The Five host Greg Gutfield called it “emotional political theater,” while over at the conservative Newsmax network, host Chris Salcedo sneered that the proceedings were “a bipartisan betrayal of the American people,” adding, “let’s watch the dagger plunge even further into the backs of we the people and this country.”

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