Black Lives Matter logo on High School gym floor ignites discussion

Black Lives Matter logo on  High School gym floor ignites discussion

Sean Flynn

NEWPORT — A large Black Lives Matter logo on the floor of the gymnasium at Rogers High School is causing some discussion in the community, according to School Committee members.

The logo is just the words “Black Lives Matter” and the letters are made of vinyl that can be removed from the floor.

Development and planning of the logo was an initiative of three students on the girls basketball team — Miyah Brooks, Maeve Crowley and Ellie Margolis — all of whom addressed the School Committee on Tuesday night.

“I think the main purpose of this is to start conversations, for people to be able to ask questions about it, and for people like me to explain why Black Lives Matter and how we are being suppressed,” Brooks, who is black, told the School Committee.

“It’s something great and nothing that anyone regrets,” Crowley said. “Everyone who walks into that school should feel welcomed.”

The students worked with other students in the school’s graphic arts class under the direction of teacher David Connell to design the logo. Before it was put down, the students received the approval of both Principal Jarad Vance and Athletic Director Jim Cawley.

“Don’t they think they need the permission of the School Committee to do something like that?” asked School Committee member Robert Leary.

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