Massive brawl erupts among teenagers inside Illinois trampoline park, video shows

An Illinois trampoline park promising “the best high energy, adrenaline fix in Peoria” became the site of a violent melee on Saturday night.

In video of the brawl, dozens can be seen punching, shoving, stomping and pulling hair as even more stand and observe, sometimes toppling over each other as they get to a safe distance, or jockey for a better view of the fray.

Most appear to be teenagers.

Outnumbered staff at the Elevate Trampoline Park try to break up the fighters and push them out of the building. More free-for-alls break out elsewhere in the lobby, and others spill out into the parking lot as police arrive.

Peoria police dispersed the crowds and combatants until adults came to pick them up, a department statement said.

“AMT and PFD medics were on scene and standing by for any individual seeking medical treatment,” the police post said.

An officer said he could smell pepper spray inside the trampoline park, but the department says it never used any during the incident.

Following the Saturday brawl, teen nights have been permanently canceled at all Elevate Trampoline Park locations in Illinois, owner Liz Wilson announced Monday, WMBD reported.

“We built our trampoline parks on the foundation of creating a fun, positive and safe place for everyone of all ages to enjoy,” Wilson said. “We are committed more than ever on focusing our efforts to maintain a family friendly environment, where everyone who enters our doors, both guests and staff members, are respected and treated with kindness at all times.”

It’s not clear what triggered the fighting, but investigators are reviewing video taken that night and working to identify people involved, police said in a statement.

Anyone with useful information is encouraged to call the department at 309-673-4521, or leave an anonymous tip with CrimeStoppers at 309-673-9000.

One video posted to YouTube had more than 33,000 views as of Monday night, and more than 200 comments, many expressing surprise and frustration.

“This is crazy. Just imagine casually jumping around with your kid and a trash can fly over your head,” one comment read.

“I’ve been to Elevate multiple times and I’ve never seen (it) get this wild,” read another.

No arrests have been made.


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