We know that NFL Football isn’t particularly popular amongst our community, but let’s try it.

It is a regular squares setup. We plan to pay at the end of each quarter. The numbers will not change each quarter.

Good luck!


UPDATE EVERYONE…. Even though we get about 400 unique visitors to TNBD each and every day, we don’t even have 60 people who have signed up for a square. Sunday at 12:00 noon, we will fill all empty squares with the names of people in a random way, then we will immediately do the 0-9 and 0-9 for the scores and put up the finalized squares.


UPDATED…..  We had to fill in quite a few of the squares. So you will see some squares are dedicated to go to the charity of a particular person’s choosing. We chose those names based on the order that people replied for their first square.  If your charity box wins a quarter of the game, you choose the charity and we will donate the prize accordingly. If possible, we will say it is in your Disqus Name for fun.

We’ve also added some charity names on our own. St. Jude, Detroit Dog Rescue, American Cancer Society,etc.

For additional fun, we put in a few squares for a “random waittress” to receive a tip. We would be thrilled if one of our community volunteered to do this. We would give you the gift card number, and you could use it for whatever you wish, but out of your pocket, you could tip the next waiter or waittress you’d desire. We’d rather not do this ourselves but it would be much more fun if one of you out there did this with our money.

And one last thing. We added two squares for a PAY IT FORWARD. Again, if you would volunteer, we’d love it.  You go through a McDonalds or Wendy’s or ANY drive thru window and pay for the car behind you with our money. This type of act of randomness seems to be really popular out there.

Again, GOOD LUCK!!!!!



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