Man arrested for trying to board plane with 22lbs of meth – claims someone swapped his bag while he napped

ORLANDO, FL – According to officials, a 46-year-old man was arrested in January for allegedly trying to board an airplane in Orlando with a bag that hosted 22 pounds of methamphetamine.

Yet the suspect in custody claims that it’s a case of mistaken luggage, and that somebody must have switched bags with him while he was having a nap.

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of items one can’t host in their carry on luggage when boarding a plane – aerosol insecticides, baseball bats, cast iron cookware, cooking spray, even cutting boards.

Obviously, illegal narcotics are also among those prohibited items as well…but one can always count on Florida to have these types of brazen cases crop up.

On January 22nd, 46-year-old Eli Brown was at the Orlando International Airport attempting to board a plane at gate 35 at around 8:00 a.m. that morning.

At the time, a Transportation Security Administration agent had singled Brown out and stopped him for a random bag check before he could get aboard his flight that was destined for Louisville, Kentucky.

During this inspection of the suspect’s luggage, it was alleged that inside of a backpack in Brown’s possession were 22 vacuum sealed bags that were wrapped up in white clothing – with each bag allegedly containing approximately one pound of methamphetamine.

Also, inside of this backpack was reportedly $900 in cash.

Police say that upon the discovery of said alleged narcotics, Brown had proclaimed that the bag wasn’t his.

Brown claimed that he fell asleep at the gate after coming in from Los Angeles, and when he woke up, the bag happened to be next to him and he just fathomed it was his since he had a bag that looked identical to it.

Apparently, that ‘bag switcheroo’ claim from Brown was about as effective as the contraceptives sold at a dollar store – in that it didn’t work.

In a post shared on Facebook, The Orlando Police Department shared a photo of the backpack and contents allegedly seized from Brown.

What has to be the most hilariously ironic contents pulled from the bag are the two bottles of 5-hour Energy that can be seen next to the methamphetamine pictured.

Why anyone would need two bottles of 5-hour Energy next to 22 bags of methamphetamine is beyond this author’s comprehension. Nonetheless, police say that the seized narcotics hold an estimated street value of half a million dollars.

The Orlando Police Department stated that Brown was arrested on a charge of trafficking in methamphetamine of over 200 grams. Which, in Florida, a conviction of said charge could result in up to 15 years in prison.

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