This $20 Bill Is Selling For More Than $100,000 At Auction Because It Has A Del Monte Banana Sticker On It

This  Bill Is Selling For More Than 0,000 At Auction Because It Has A Del Monte Banana Sticker On It


When you pull a $20 bill out of your pocket, how often do you really give it a good once-over? Probably not very often! But maybe you should, because right now, a $20 bill with a produce sticker on it is being auctioned off for more than $100,000.

This special bill is called the “Del Monte Note” and if you’re super into obstructed error banknotes (it’s a thing!!) you’ll probably know all about it. It’s well-known because the banana sticker is permanently tacked to the bill, and features the U.S. treasury marking and serial number printed on top of it, meaning that it was added fairly early on in the money printing process. It’s not clear exactly how it got there, but people love it!!

According to a press release by Heritage Auctions, the bill was first discovered by an Ohio college student in 2004 when they got it simply from making an ATM withdrawal. They posted it on eBay where it sold to the highest of 12 bids for around $10,000 on eBay and was last sold in 2006 for $25,300.

“Collectors immediately fell in love with it,” said vice president of Currency Auctions at Heritage Auctions Dustin Johnston: “The placement of the ‘Del Monte Ecuador’ banana sticker is ideal because it covers part of the printing details and is overlaid by part of the Treasury Seal and the bill’s serial number.”

Now, it’s up for auction for the first time since 2006, and if you want to make a bid, you can do so now! But before you get your hopes up, this bill is one hot commodity. Right now, the current highest bid is $105,000, which will come to $126,000 with a premium added. That could buy you a whole lot of Del Monte bananas.

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