Amazon driver says pit bull attacked him while trying to help domestic violence victim

Amazon driver says pit bull attacked him while trying to help domestic violence victim


JOHNSTOWN, Ohio (WSYX) — A Fairfield County man is recovering from multiple bite wounds after being attacked by a pit bull this week while trying to help a woman who was screaming for assistance.

“Yelling for help, that’s the only words I remember,” said Hayden Kandel, as he talked about the moments leading up to his being mauled by a pit bull while he was on the job Tuesday delivering packages for Amazon in the New Edition neighborhood in Johnstown.

The Marine vet and dad of two says, when he heard a woman yelling for help across the street he ran to see how he could assist her, that’s when a pit bull began attacking him, biting him on his arms, legs, rear and abdomen.

I definitely lost the battle with this dog,” said Kandel. “That dog was good, quick, I was thinking don’t fall.

Kandel tells ABC 6/FOX 28 he didn’t hesitate to offer aid to the woman he didn’t know, who police say was in a domestic violence crisis.

“It’s what an American is supposed to do for another American, regardless of who they are,” said Kandel.

Johnstown Police Chief Abe Harroon calling what Kandel did “heroic.”

“He really went above and beyond, full well knowing he was going to get into an attack of an aggressive dog,” said Harroon.


Animal Control officials now have the dog in a 10-day quarantine as they investigate what steps should be taken next.

“I really don’t want to blame it on the dog,” said Kandel. “The dog was doing its job, it’s supposed to protect its family.”

Chief Harroon says Kandel’s quick thinking allowed officers to identify and charge a man with domestic violence and assault.

“With everything going, on he was able to give us full details of what the person looked like,” said Harroon.

The Johnstown Police Department planning to honor Kandel next month for his efforts.

Kandel says, despite the injuries, he would do it all over again.

“If I saw someone needing help like that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I turn my back,” said Kandel.

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