Bill Clinton, Hillary heading for $250M divorce, couple hiring lawyers: rumor

Bill Clinton, Hillary heading for 0M divorce, couple hiring lawyers: rumor

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are going through a bitter divorce battle, according to a tabloid.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have been married for five decades already. However, an outlet claims that their marriage is heading South, and they are hiring lawyers for their divorce.

Bill Clinton and Hillary divorce rumor
National Enquirer published a report claiming that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were facing a “new sex scandal nightmare” and a $250 million “divorce explosion.” The two-page spread featured a photo of them casting their electoral vote and quoted an unnamed “renowned body language expert” analyzing the photo.

“Looking at the two of them, you would not know they are a couple because of the way their hands are positioned…There is a lot of space between them. There is not that connectiveness like a husband and wife who are adjoined to one another,” the expert said.

It also claimed that they already hired lawyers as they prepared for their bitter divorce battle.

Reasons behind alleged divorce
The outlet associated Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s divorce. It quoted dubious authors and unauthorized biographies claiming that Bill was around the convicted pedophile because he wanted to around Maxwell.

It quoted an author claiming Maxwell is toxic and associated with the abuse of young girls. The insider added that she’s not the woman Hillary would tolerate, and the couple no longer needs each other anymore.

However, one should note that the Clintons have already denied the rumors linking him to Maxwell.

The anonymous insiders also mentioned Chelsea Clinton allegedly taking her mom’s side. She reportedly asked her mother to just accept that her dad would never change and a divorce would at least save some space.

Another dubious tipster claimed that the divorce would benefit Hilary because she needed a way out since the Monica Lewinsky scandal.


Bill and Hillary Clinton’ relationship

Gossip Cop investigated the report and did not directly debunked the claim but pointed out that the Clintons’ posts on social media say otherwise.

In October 2020, Bill Clinton shared a snap of him with his wife to commemorate their 45th wedding anniversary. He included a sweet message to his tweet for his wife.

“October 11th was a beautiful day 45 years ago. Still is. The bride was beautiful too. And still is. Happy Anniversary, Hillary. I love you,” Bill wrote.

Hillary also made the same tribute for her husband on Instagram. She shared a throwback photo of them together and said there was never a dull moment with Bill.

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