Relax….It’s nothing new.

Relax….It’s nothing new.

TNID/TNBD was created because media outlets were all beginning to shut down the comment sections and stopping many many people that knew each other for years from ever be able to talk again.

The people that helped us create this place are very special to us. They were all very very popular on a variety of news sites and were loved and trusted by many many people.

When those sites began to close their comment sections to silence people, they were told to come to TNID/TNBD.

We were more than happy to give anybody a place to just be able to be who they are and continue to be with their friends without some asshole deleting them.

What we never imagined is when those people came here that they would see what TNBD was all about and they too had a lot of influence and guided many folks here.

What you are seeing today that is going on is no different than what happened to all of us long ago. If you all care enough you will always stay together and have a voice.

Tell us, how did you ever find TNID/TNBD?

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